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Prepaid Telephone Calling Cards, Telephone Card


Prepaid telephone calling cards is a card that people buy for a flat fee to make long distance telephone calls. Availing this prepaid telephone calling card is no more a hassle as all your search for quality telephone card ends with, which has pioneered in the telecommunication industry. With telephone card customers can enjoy calling at great rates as this card works from more than 200 countries. Clear voice quality and 24/7 customer service enables people to keep in touch with their friends and relatives living anywhere in the world.  


Guarantee Telephone Card Services at proven network guarantees clear and reliable calls without the hassle of dialing PIN to make any call. The convenience of PIN-less dialing is considered best in prepaid telephone calling cards, which making calling extremely easy and simple. The facility of speed dials with prepaid telephone calling cards will enable you to make faster connections. The another advantage of our prepaid telephone calling cards is the option of getting the cards recharged anytime and anywhere. People also have the facility of viewing their call details for the minutes they talk and can calculate the exact cost of each call.


Highlighting Features of Prepaid Telephone Calling Cards


Some of the highlighting features of prepaid telephone calling cards offered by that make these telephone cards stand out among the rest is the PIN-less dialing and speed dialing features. Offering great convenience these cards are extremely simple to use and operate as one making international calls with these cards is quite easy and convenient.


Prepaid Telephone Calling Cards Services of offers Free Minutes & Abundant Features


Users registering with our site are offered with free trial package in which they are offered with up to 120 minutes of free telephone card talk time. The users can use these free minutes by making calls to hundred of international destinations. One can create an account at by entering e-mail address and password. The users can register up to 5 phone numbers including fixed and mobile phones that they will be using to make international calls. offers easy account management system that ensures that users can efficiently manage their prepaid telephone calling card details.   

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