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International Calling Cards is leading global phone service provider, which has established itself as the innovative market leader enabling consumer to make cheap international calls from mobile as well as fixed line phone at the lowest calling rates. Making an international calls can cost fortune if one is not using the multifarious benefits of international calling card. International calling card is quite beneficial for people who are traveling and for people who need to keep in touch with family staying abroad. Therefore  international call cards offer ideal opportunity to communicate internationally. With more and more people traveling abroad the international call cards have gained massive popularity due to ease and convenience.  


Make International Calls at Affordable Rates offers extensive range of international calling cards available at different rates and fees. This leading telecommunication company enables people to call international destinations at the lowest rate and the consumers can make cheap and easy calls from landlines as well as mobile phones. International call cards offer substantial savings on phone bill, while offering a comfortable and economical way to communicate. With Ecellular international calling cards people experiences great call quality without having to pay any hidden fees. The cost of every long distance call will be automatically reduced with the calling cards. People also avail facilities like pinless dialing, speed dial, facility of viewing call history to keep track of the calls made and the billed amount.



Procedure of Using International Calling Cards


The use of international call cards is extremely simple and easy process as one just require to perform few simple steps to successfully use this card.


  • Consumers need to buy the international calling card that meets their requirements
  • After buying the card the consumers are provided with PIN number and access code
  • The consumers need to dial the Local Access Number
  • The consumers just need to listen and follow the voice instructions
  • After this enter your PIN number
  • The users can check their balance and the minutes left
  • Finally the users can dial the destination number


Consumers can try any of our International calling cards to save considerable amount of money.


How to Make International Call


Calling cards are extremely simple and accessible solution that enable people to keep in touch with the loved ones and family members. Making International call is extremely simple and can be done from anywhere. Several codes are involved in making International calls and after entering the PIN the user is prompted to enter the country's code and the number, if one is making a call in mobile phone and for landlines the user needs to dial the city code after dialing the country code. The international call is instantly made and the users are prompted with the minutes left. provides PIN-less dialing option in which the users can register their phone number with the card's code and they never require to dial their PIN while making international calls.


Following are the common steps of making an international calls:


  • User need to dial the access number
  • At prompt they need to enter their PIN number
  • The remaining balance of the phone is announced
  • At prompt the user need to enter the destination number
  • The user will require to dial full international dialing code i.e  International Access Code and the country code
  • The user will be informed about the number of minutes left for their destination


The users need to make sure that they do not press “call” or “send button” of their phone after entering the destination number. This is required in order to avoid being charged by the cellular provider for the international call.  





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