International Calling Rates

Our global rates are some of the most competitive to phone around the world. Use the rate finder below to find the rates we offer, just select the country you are calling too and view the rate. You can save up to 95% on your international phone calls compared to most dialing plans, Mobile Plans, Collect Calls, & 10-10 Numbers. Please remember, adds no additional fees to the rates and has No Connection Fee, No monthly or weekly fee, No Hidden fee, and is billed in 1 minute increments.

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Featured Rates

Brazil 0.90¢/minute
France 0.90¢/minute
Germany 0.90¢/minute
United Kingdom 0.70¢/minute
Philippines 8.30¢/minute
Jordan 12.80¢/minute
Vietnam 5.50¢/minute
South Africa 12.70¢/minute
Nigeria 2.40¢/minute

Country Codes For your convenience, here’s a guide of International Country Codes, Country Mobile Codes, & Country City Codes.  We hope this list of international dialing codes assists you in your international phone calling endeavors.  You’ll find instructions on how to make an international call in the FAQ page.

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