Please read through our frequently asked questions.  If you still have any questions, please call us at 866-371-8584 or you can open a support ticket through our Support tab.

Q: How do I place a domestic or international call?

  1. Dial Access Number: 1-903-212-6920 or 1-800-803-0841
    All Access #’s
    • Save the access # in your Mobile, Home or Business speed dial address book for convenience.
    • Make sure you register the #’s you call from below, or you will have to enter your Account Pin Code if calling from an unregistered phone number.
  2. Enter Destination Number: For International Calls: Enter 011 + Country Code + Number.
    • For USA & Canada Calls: Enter 1 + Area Code + Number.
    • Register your Speed Dial #s for your calling destinations below for your convenience.


Q: Is there a monthly or annual fee?
A: There is no monthly fee or annual fee. If dialing our U.S. or International local access number, the only cost you will incur is the rate per minute to your destination country. If dialing our toll-free 800 access number , a one cent will be added to the rate per minute to your destination country. Rate information can be found on our rate page.

Q: Are there minimum usage requirements to get these rates?
A: No, there are no minimum usage requirements to get our great low rates.

Q: Are the rates the same when I place calls from my mobile phone versus my home phone?
A: Yes, eCellular will provide you with a local or toll-free access number that can be dialed from any of your registered phone numbers - cellular, home, or business.

Q: Is there ever a connection fee?
A: No, there will never be a connection fee. You may dial our local or toll-free access numbers. If you are making a call from overseas, you may use one of our international local access numbers to avoid long-distance charges.


Q: Do I need to prepay in order to use eCellular? 
A: Yes, eCellular is a pre-paid service. If you are using our free trial, we give you up to $2.00 worth of free minutes. If you deplete those free minutes, you have the ability to recharge your account manually or set up auto recharge which will recharge your account when it drops below a set number of minutes remaining.
Q: Will tax be added to my call?
A: eCellular does not add any additional taxes or fees. You will only be charged the rate per minute, listed on our rates page, billed in one minute increments. Remember, if you are using our toll-free 800 access number, one cent will be added to the per-minute rate.
Q: How do I sign up?
A: You can register online via our secure web site.
Q: Does eCellular work with all Mobile Carriers?
A: Yes. Simply register the phone number you are calling from and start making calls right away.

Q: Can I register more than one mobile phone?
A: Yes, you can register as many mobile phones as you would like, up to five (home, cell, or business numbers) total.

Q: How quickly can I begin using the service after registration?
A: Once you’ve registered online, your account will be activated within 24 hours. We will notify you via email when your account is active and ready to use.

Q: What if I need to make changes to my account after I sign-up?
A: You may change or update your account information by logging into our website or by calling our Customer Service Center at 1-866-371-8584.

Q: What payment methods does ecellular accept?
A: We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, along with ATM and debit cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

 Q: How do you protect my credit card information?
A: Our web site is protected by the highest level of SSL encryption. All of the credit card or debit card information received is encrypted a second time and stored on our secure servers.

Q: What is the billing increment?
A: All calls are billed in one minute increments.  No Hidden Fees are added either.

Q: How do I review my usage and charges?
A: You can review your information online. The call records will detail all usage and charges. Call records include the date and time of the call, origination and destination numbers, and charges for each call.

Q: What do I do if I have a question about my charges?
A: You may email our Customer Service Center at or call us at 1-866-371-8584 to assist you with any billing questions that you may have.

Q: Can I use eCellular from anywhere within the US?
A: Yes, as long as you can dial the access number from one of your registered phone numbers, you can make an international call.  Calls from Alaska are charged a higher rate when using a 800 toll free.

Q: Can I use eCellular when I am outside of the US?
A: Yes, you may register an international phone number and make calls from over 20 different countries. Depending upon the international carrier, most international numbers will be able to work in unison with eCellular.

Q: Can I use eCellular from any phone I want?
A: You can use eCellular from any phone that you register on your eCellular account. You can register up to 5 phone numbers total. Please note that you cannot register public phones or pay phones.

Q: Can I use eCellular to call any country in the world?
A: eCellular offers service to call over 200 countries around the world. You may see a complete list of those countries by viewing our Rate Sheet. 

Q: Do I get Extra Free Time on all my phones?
A: eCellular will give Free Time for first time customers only, not per phone or number. However, you may use the eCellular service from any of your registered phone numbers.

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