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«» offers you the best international call service for saving money on your international calls.  We've developed a solution to provide you access to top quality international long distance from your mobile, home, & office phones at the lowest rates. International calling with us is preferred by many due to our clear call excellence along with features like pin-less dialing, speed dial, global origination, & call detail access so you can keep track of your minutes & savings. Try our honest & simple international phone service with no risk or fees.  

WORLD CLASS International Calling


  • Lowest Global Rates
  • Pin-less Dialing
  • Speed-Dial
  • No Fees & No Expiration
  • View Call Details
  • Works from 20+ Countries
Its As Easy As 1, 2, 3 - 1. Sign Up for FREE Trial  2. Register Numbers  3. Start Calling & Saving

Simple Instructions

  1. Dial Access Number: 1-903-212-6920 or 1-800-803-0841
    All Access #’s
    • Save the access # in your Mobile, Home or Business speed dial address book for convenience.
    • Make sure you register the #’s you call from below, or you will have to enter your Account Pin Code if calling from an unregistered phone number.
  2. Enter Destination Number: For International Calls: Enter 011 + Country Code + Number.
    • For USA & Canada Calls: Enter 1 + Area Code + Number.
    • Register your Speed Dial #s for your calling destinations below for your convenience.

Featured Rates


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